Have an Allergy Center in Your Practice?


As you may know, less than 1% of patients suffering from allergic disease, specifically respiratory allergies, are being diagnosed and treated. By partnering with practices across the country just like yours, we target the remaining 99%. You can greatly improve patient health while substantially increasing your revenue and profitability.


We Invest in Your Practice.


You can easily add this STARK compliant service with no capital investment or ongoing expense; we pay for and supply all that you need. We make an investment in your practice and our business relationship. Covered by the insurance carriers, you will conservatively net $1,000 to $2,000 per patient.

Top 10 FAQ.


In less than five minutes, you'll receive the pertinent information to have an allergy center in your practice. 

Quality Revenue Management - AllergyCenter - Do the Math Out of every 100 tests, 70  patients will elect therapy. Pro Forma 20 patients monthly will  net approximately  $400,000 annually. 30 patients = $600,000

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