Point Of Care Dispensary

Convenient. Proven. Turnkey.


We offer a convenient, proven method for supplying your patients with the medications they need at the time of their office visit. Approved by the American Medical Association (AMA), and legal in nearly every state, we offer a comprehensive, turn-key solution that includes everything a physician needs to dispense FDA approved medication to patients.


We are excited to present our turnkey system that provides everything you need to get started. We will meet with your staff, help you determine a proper location for your in-office pharmacy, review existing laws governing physician dispensing in your state, work with you to establish a starting formulary and develop a plan of action to get started.


We have been helping practices with office dispensing for a long time. We know staff time is limited and our system is built for a busy practice. We work at your pace in training and never pressure you to do things our way. We suggest what we feel are “best practices” and then work individually with each staff member on an as-needed basis. Our software is easy to learn and with cell phones, text messages and email, we are easy to reach if you need us.


Increased Patient Compliance.


  • Convenience: Clinics can provide medication on-site before patient leaves the office.
  • Compliance: Remain involved in the patient care.
  • Comfort: Provide barrier free FDA medications to patients 

Increased Productivity.


  • Patient take less time away from work.
  • Physician/Pharmacy .........  3.2 hours.
  • On-site clinic ......................  0.5 hours. 
  • Manage multiple locations. 

Cost Savings.


  • No upfront costs on medications for most providers.
  • Eliminate pharmacy markup.
  • Pharmacy savings can cover the overhead of an entire employee clinic and staff. 

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